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Taekwondo Academy Sydney | Core Values of Taekwondo

Tuesday, August 2nd, 2016

The Core Values of Taekwondo or more popularly known as the Taekwondo Tenets are Courtesy, Integrity, Perseverance, Self-Control and Indomitable Spirit. Wherever academy you have trained taekwondo, you sure will hear these 5 tenets. It is often the first line that is spoken at the start of each taekwondo training session. Taekwondo Academy Sydney is one of the leading taekwondo academies that lives behind the taekwondo tenets. We know that the tenets will be a great help for the student’s improvement. That is why we make sure that every student will live up to these tenets.

Taekwondo Academy Sydney is the best taekwondo academy if you want to learn the secrets of martial arts. We offer the best taekwondo classes at the most affordable prices and we guarantee that you will learn a lot of things. We have professional instructors that also put the core values of taekwondo in their hearts. If you are new to taekwondo, it is important that you should know the 5 taekwondo tenets.

Taekwondo Club Sydney | The Principles of Taekwondo

Here are Taekwondo Academy Sydney‘s 5 Tenets of Taekwondo


  • Refers to showing courtesy to all others inside and outside of the training academy. Not only is it being polite but also being respectful to other people and observing correct etiquette and manners at all time. Your behavior an attitude should include proper courtesy at all times.


  • Includes not only the general definition of integrity where a taekwondo practitioner is not only able to determine the difference between right and wrong but also being able to stand up for what is right.


  • Perseverance simply refers to the willingness of the taekwondo student to continue his training and struggle against all odds in order to reach the goal. This does not only apply to their training, it also applies to the other aspect of their lives. Never give up no matter what problems you are faced with!


  • This means to have control over your thoughts, emotions as well as your actions. Maintaining a pure mind as well as a pure body by keeping your emotions in check, particularly in difficult situations.

Indomitable Spirit

  • Having Indomitable Spirit refers to having the courage to stand up for your principles and beliefs and to stay standing strong no matter who you go against and what hindrances are ahead of you.

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A great taekwondo master is not only great with strength but he should also live up to the other great qualities taekwondo has to offer.

Getting ready to be a taekwondo fighter? Inquire now at Taekwondo Academy Sydney. Learning Taekwondo is fun with us. This is especially that we treat each other with respect. Why don’t you enroll now?

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