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Martial Arts Marrickville | Self Defense Martial Arts

Wednesday, September 28th, 2016

Martial arts is a popular sport and good for general fitness exercise. These two are also the main reasons why more and more people are engaging in the practice of martial arts. Also, if you want to have a total body workout then martial arts is good for you. But there is one more reason why people are practicing martial arts and that is to learn self-defense techniques. There are different Martial Arts to choose from if your main goal for learning is self-defense. Taekwondo Sydney Martial Arts Marrickville is going to share to you the top Martial Arts for self-defense.

This topic is for everyone since we care about your safety. This is also especially that everyone needs to protect himself when no one else is there for him. With self-defense, you can now walk down the sidewalk even at night without feeling paranoid.

Self-defense Martial Arts are important because you can protect yourself with just the use of your hands and foot when you are in trouble or in a fight with robbers or whatever. To learn more, visit us online today!

Here’s Martial Arts Marrickville’s Top 10 Self-Defense Martial Arts

Martial Arts Marrickville


  • Kickboxing for self-defense concentrates on its version of punches, knees, and kicks. These are fast-paced, distracting techniques that are also aimed at all available openings which are good to knock out an opponent. If the attacker is equipped with a weapon, the kickboxing techniques is a good weapon itself to fight back. For well-trained kickboxers, they practice something that is called combat qi, which is the physical conditioning of any part of the body through repeated damage. This helps limit the pain that is felt when hit. If you own a great kick, might as well use that to defend yourself.


  • Karate is the art of striking and this emphasizes the deflection of the attacker. Techniques used are strikes to the face and head but is expected by the enemy so it is recommended to block the opponent’s hand first before punching straight. If the opponent charges, a front kick is a good technique. These techniques are good ways to force the enemy back. You will have time to escape and call for authorities.


  • This is an interesting martial art that is easily recognized by most martial artists. It is based on the principle that when the attacker strikes, he leaves some parts vulnerable. If the martial artist is the defender, you have to remain in the defense position to avoid vulnerability. The trick is to use the opponent’s momentum against him. One popular Aikido practitioner is Steven Seagal. He is a genuine 7th-degree black belt in aikido. Aikido thrives in joint locks, which do not require much speed to perform, compared to other martial arts. This is also extremely effective in immobilizing an attacker.

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