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Boxing Sydney | Basic Boxing Tips

Thursday, October 27th, 2016

Boxing is one of the most played sport in the world and many people have been famous because of their skill and talent in boxing. If you want to get in that ring and enjoy boxing but you are a beginner in boxing and aspiring to be a famous boxer, then you have to be serious with your training and probably need to join boxing Sydney classes. But before you proceed with your boxing plans, here are few tips.

Of course, to help you around, we have some tips for you about Boxing Sydney as a beginner. Always remember though that there is nothing wrong with being a rookie. Everyone goes through it. Even our grand masters went through that phase. Guess it has been more likely a process.

Here are Tips for Boxing Sydney Beginners

Boxing Sydney

Training Tips

  • During your training, you have to stay calm and punch lighter on your punching bag so that you can last more rounds. Keep your form together and punch sharp. This will help you get in more minutes of quality training. You would want to have the energy to hit the bag with the correct form and to keep your punches neat. Don’t waste your energy showing off your punches in the bag.
  • Don’t give up easily because of failure. Instead, push yourself a little more each day. If you give up so easily on your training, you’d probably quit boxing earlier.
  • Drink a lot of water during your training. Since you will be sweating a lot, you have to stay rehydrated by drinking water. So make sure to take breaks and replenish yourself.
  • The training is the key to be great. So take raining seriously.

Punching Tips

  • When you punch, you have to turn your whole body into the punch. If your feet are slow, you will find that slow punches will be harder compared to fast-paced punching. So you have to observe your body and synch your punches with it in order to give a hard punch.
  • Take note that you don’t always have to throw one knockout punch after another. Use a combination of light and hard punches and use head movements to fake out and confuse your opponent. Don’t push yourself too hard, be calm and throw hard punches you know are sure to hit.
  • Don’t forget to hit the body. You might want to knock out your opponent so you would try hitting the head all the time, but that can be difficult as the head will be fully defended. Instead, try a jab to the head and follow a right hand to the body. When you are in a really close position, lean your head inside to smother the opponent then throw a few body punches.
  • Don’t let your opponent keep beating you. Let your hands go and throw punches even if it doesn’t always land. This will slow the opponent down giving you the opportunity for more punches.
  • If you want to be a great boxer then you have to practice with all your might to get that perfect punch.

Be one of the best boxers in the world!

If you want to be one of the best boxers in the world then enroll now at Boxing Sydney Classes. For more tips, contact us at 0425324443!

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