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Boxing Classes Sydney | Basic Boxing Techniques

Saturday, October 15th, 2016

Boxing is one of the most popular sports of this day. People love the sport and many are aspiring to be a great boxer. But what is boxing anyway? It is a combat sport in which two people with protective gloves then throws punches at each other for a predetermined period of time held in a boxing ring. If you want to be a boxer, the fastest way to learn all there is about boxing is to enroll in Boxing Classes Sydney . In a boxing class, you will not only be trained to throw punches, you will also be taught variety of techniques, different effective training and even the philosophy behind boxing.

Taekwondo Sydney is one of the leading martial art academies that offers Boxing Classes Sydney . If you want to be a great boxer, this is the right place to train as we have professional instructors that will guide you through your boxing training.

Here are the Basic Boxing Techniques from your Boxing Classes Sydney

Boxing Classes Sydney

Basic Boxing Stance

  • The basic boxing stance is supposed to be easy for beginners to attack and defend easily. You’re well covered in this stance with both hands ready to attack easily. More advanced fighters will use different boxing stances for a more advanced body movements and counter punching opportunities.

Basic Boxing Footwork

  • Footwork is the mastery of step-drag and pivot maneuvers and beginners need to learn this. This type of movement may seem difficult at first because many people have a habit of always jumping off the ground. In boxing, you would want to keep your feet down on the ground so that you’re always ready to attack, defend or dodge. Also, jumping around is a huge waste of energy. Having a great and strong punch is not enough, it takes a great footwork to be a great boxer too. The flashy footwork will come naturally once you develop better conditioning and technique.

Basic Boxing Punches

  • Throwing punches is simply the act of being relaxed then quickly accelerating your hand towards the target as you exhale sharply. You tighten your fist at the moment of impact and then relax the hand to throw more punches. The trick is to utilize your entire body weight behind the punch without falling off balance. Skills and experience will teach you overtime.


The most important thing to learn

For a beginner, the most important thing is to learn the proper punching form. Later on, you will be able to throw many different variations of punches from different positions and develop your own punching technique to fit your style. After all, learning the basics will be your ticket to greatness.

Also, no one gets to the top of the ladder without going through the first step. Step by step, that is how a person progresses. It is only normal for anyone to start as an inexperienced rookie. As they say, great things come into the right place. You just have to keep pushing and trying hard. Let Boxing Classes Sydney inspire you!

Looking for a place to learn and train boxing? Enroll now at Taekwondo Sydney ‘s Boxing Classes Sydney ! Contact us at 0425324443!

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