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Best Taekwondo Sydney | Self Defense Techniques

Monday, February 29th, 2016

Many people enroll in taekwondo martial arts classes just because they want to learn self defense. They are indeed right in choosing the Best Taekwondo Sydney as it teaches a few martial arts self defense techniques that you can use to protect yourself. The classes are perfectly safe and at the same time fun and enjoyable.

There are many misconceptions in the state that taekwondo is one of the poorest martial arts if you want to learn self defense. However, this is a very poor analysis with regards to the Best Taekwondo Sydney . Taekwondo was made as a self defense technique and until now, it is still one of the best taekwondo techniques that you can use when the needs arise. The techniques that you can learn in taekwondo can be effectively used for self defense. The patterns of taekwondo are actually symbols of a fighting warrior. If you are looking for some skills to defend yourself and your family or if you want to engage in a new sport, then taekwondo would be best for you.

Here are the Self Defense Techniques of the Best Taekwondo Sydney

Best Taekwondo Sydney | Self Defense Techniques

Linear Technique

  • The linear taekwondo self defense technique is composed of punches, kicks and headbutts that you can use in case you are attacked by a stranger. These strike maneuvers uses a force that is directly meant to stop an opponent. If you learn how to properly execute the moves and techniques, especially the high kicks, it will help you incapacitate your enemy with a single blow. You will then be able to escape.

Circular techniques

  • This technique greatly applies for women since it requires the strength of the attacker. The force of the attacker will be used to disable him, the stronger the force that he uses, the greater the counter effect will be and it will cause him pain as well.
  • The Circular technique manipulates or redirects the force of the attacker that will force him into a stranglehold and you can finish the move with the following taekwondo techniques:

Pressure Point Applications

  • After keeping the attacker down, you can apply hits on the pressure points to disable him. The application of pressure points will paralyze few parts of the opponents body, you can then escape.


  • This may require more energy but you will be taught in the Best taekwondo Sydney classes on how to use the opponent’s force as an advantage. This will allow an easier way to throw the opponent.

Joint Locks

  • This attack uses a technique where you are going to hit the limb of your attackerand manipulate it to disable him or from his weapon. This can a great technique if your opponent uses a weapon.
    There are many more techniques that you can learn when you enroll at the Best Taekwondo Sydney Academy. This techniques will absolutely help you protect yourself from attackers. But take note that this requires a lot of practice in order to execute them perfectly. Without practice, the application of the technique may fail and you might risk your self.

If you learn these techniques, you can be out freely, thinking that no one will dare harm you because you can defend yourself successfully.

Learn the different techniques of Taekwondo and Self Defense from the Best Taekwondo Sydney Academy ! Contact us now at (+61)425324443!

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