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Australian Taekwondo Academy | Leading Taekwondo Club

Wednesday, October 14th, 2015

Taekwondo Sydney is the leading Australian Taekwondo Academy  run by Grand Master Serdar “Sam” Guner. Serdar Guner has been training taekwondo since he was young and with his amazing skills, he was able to achieve lots of awards when he was young. Until now, he still joins competitions and he also teaches his knowledge to his students. Now that he has already achieved his dream of becoming a grand master, he now dreams of making your dreams come true. He is the perfect instructor for kids and adults who are aspiring to be a Grand Master as well.

Taekwondo Club Sydney | Leading Taekwondo Club

Taekwond Sydney accepts everyone who is willing to learn taekwondo starting at the age of 4, rest assured that our lessons are safe for kids as we take proper precaution in training them. We have different class programs to suit your taekwondo way of learning. We provide individual attention to our students and guide them through their challenges helping and allowing them to achieve their goals.

Here are reasons why you should enroll your child at Australian Taekwondo Academy

Progressive and Fun Learning Environment

  • Here at Australian Taekwondo Academy, we offer a progressive and fun learning environment, allowing our students to have fun while at the same time learning the lessons step-by-step.

Meet New Friends!

  • When you enroll at Taekwondo Sydney, you will meet new people and new friends. Having new friends will motivate you to train more and they will also help you learn more things.

Join Competitions.

  • You only will not enjoy the classes; you will also have the opportunity to join competitions. From state to national and international competitions, this is your chance to show the world your skills and talents.

Achieve your Goal

  • Whatever your goals are, the Australian Taekwondo Academy will help you achieve it. Either to join competitions, have a better physique or to improve your overall skills. With our exercises, you will definitely attain the success you want and achieve your goal.

Well-Trained Instructors

  • From the knowledge and experience of Grand Master, Serdar Guner, passed through our now Taekwondo Masters and Instructors, it is guaranteed that our instructors are well trained and experienced.


  • One thing that worries parents on the taekwondo training is the risk of their children getting injured. Australian Taekwondo Academy was made to be safe for children. We have an environment that is suitable for learning without the risk of injuries.

Here are some benefits you child can achieve from our Taekwondo Classes:

Australian Taekwondo Academy is the best!

There are other more reasons why you should consider enrolling your child in the Australian Taekwondo Academy. I am sure you can find one good reason from the list above. Taekwondo Sydney is the best taekwondo academy in Sydney. Rest assured that your kids are in good hands. With proper training and professional trainers, your child can be a master of Taekwondo someday!

If you enroll now at Taekwondo Sydney you will learn how to protect yourself, you can also join competitions and improve your overall skills. Be a better person with the help of taekwondo!

Visit us or Contact us now at 0425 324 443.

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