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Boxing Gear Sydney | Different Boxing Gears

Wednesday, January 25th, 2017

If you want to start boxing, you need access to the right equipment; the right Boxing Gear Sydney. You don’t have to own everything yourself, but you need a gym that has access to the right kind of equipment to train with. Luckily for your wallet, boxing is a pretty inexpensive sport to get involved with, at least when you are first starting out.

If you want to train and be a great boxer, you must first know the right Boxing Gear Sydney. Do not be ignorant about the gears because trust me, they’ll be your best friends when doing the sports. Before you start training for your dream sports, let Taekwondo Sydney educate you with different Boxing Gear Sydney.

Here are the 3 Different Boxing Gear Sydney

boxing gear sydney

Boxing Gloves

Boxing requires two pairs of boxing gloves. One is a light pair of bag gloves, 10 oz. or less, you will use this to hit the speed bag and the heavy bag. However, when you get in the ring to spar or box with an opponent, you need full-size gloves that are 14 to 16 oz. Boxing gloves cushion the hand during the punching process and will often keep you from getting injured.

Hand wraps

The main part of your body that you will use in boxing are your hands, hand wraps protect your hands as you train with the sport. There are hundreds of little bones in your hands, which will break and cripple you if you do not take the necessary precautions. The best way to do that is by learning how to wrap your hands to provide protection for those bones like your knuckles. It will also keep you from bleeding all over the place as a result of scraped knuckles and prolong the life of your bag gloves and boxing gloves as they soak up sweat that would otherwise seep into your gloves.


Your headgear will take a lot of abuse; abuse from protecting your head from punches especially if you’re a beginner. When buying for a head gear be sure to buy the one with the best quality as the headgear will protect your head from soft tissue damage; cuts, scrapes and so on. While a well-padded headgear can alleviate some of the blow, it will not be significant enough for you to notice. Even with headgear on, one can still be knocked out, receive a concussion and any other injury associated with repeated punches to the head.

For a safe boxing training, enroll now at Taekwondo Sydney and enjoy our top of the line Boxing Gear Sydney. Contact us now!

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