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If you are not at all familiar with the different types of Martial Arts, then you are most likely confused what the difference between Taekwondo Parramatta and Karate is. Before we explore more about the comparisons between the two, let’s get to know each style better first.


Taekwondo Parramatta is a martial arts style that originated from Korea. Its name is derived from the Korean word “Tae” meaning foot, “Kwon meaning fist, and “Do” meaning “the way of”.  Taekwondo is one of the most popular martial arts style with over 70 million practitioners worldwide.


Japan was the one responsible for developing the martial arts style known today as the Karate. This literally translates to “Empty Hand”. Karate was first developed with the goals to seek the development of defensive and counterattacking body movements.

Karate believes that ‘‘You never attack first” should be strictly followed. This was pioneered by Gichin Funakoshi, who is known today as the father of modern Karate.


Aside from their places of origin, there are more factors that make them different from each other.

Taekwondo Parramatta involves more leg action. Most of its forms include kicking, jumping, and spinning. For backups, it makes use of the hands.

Karate focuses more on hand attacks. Legs are not used as much as they are used in taekwondo. However, they do use the legs more as backups.

Taekwondo Parramatta is one of the major events whenever an Olympic event is being held.

Karate is not an Olympic sport.

Taekwondo Parramatta usually practices higher stances, since most of its movements are focused on kicking.

Karate’s stances are generally lower since they are mostly focused on hand movements.

Despite their differences, both have the same goal in mind: self-defense. Both martial arts styles were not built to destroy or start a fight, but it is for defending one’s self whenever the need arises. It all depends on which fighting style and stances appeal to you the most. If you are interested in training more of your upper body, then Karate and its hand movements can help you. If you are into kicking and higher stances, then you can try Taekwondo Parramatta.

Taekwondo Parramatta has the best trainers and great masters who can supervise you. If you are aspiring to be like them, then they are more than willing to help you achieve that. You have to remember though that your success still lies in your hands. It depends on your attitude towards the training and the sport itself.

Still can’t decide which of the two is best for you? If you need to know more about these martial arts styles, we will be more than happy to assist you! Call us at  (+61)425 324 443!


Learning Martial Arts North Sydney is mostly viewed as something meant only for children. However, there are lots of schools nowadays that are offering classes designed especially for adults. This just means that the times are changing and the demand for the knowledge about martial arts is increasing. That’s why you shouldn’t be afraid to act on your interest to learn more about it. “It’s too late” is not an acceptable reason for you not to pursue it.

If you’re still unconvinced to push through, let us give you a few reasons why learning Martial Arts North Sydney is something you should seriously consider:





One of the reasons why parents enroll their children in Martial Arts North Sydney is in order for them to learn how to defend themselves. This can also be true for the adults.

Learning martial arts is a must for everyone who wishes to have the means to protect themselves when dangers arise. You can never know when someone with a bad intention decides to set you as their target. Be prepared when the unexpected happens.



Exercising is often neglected especially during work hours, mostly because of how busy things can get. However, if you take classes in martial arts, you can not only learn more about self-defense but also help your body get the exercise it needs.

Doing Martial Arts North Sydney can help your muscles toughen up and enhance your cardiovascular activity.


Increased Metabolism

An adult’s metabolism isn’t as effective as when they were still children, and this can cause unwanted weight gain. The exercise you can get from doing Martial Arts North Sydney can help your metabolism perform at its best. It can help your calories burn at a faster rate too compared to other types of exercise.



Achieving things in life can be more than enough to make you feel like you are doing something worthwhile with your time. By learning your way to gain the honor of the belts, you also gain the self-confidence you can’t get anywhere else.

The classes can also help you feel better about yourself because of how the training builds your personality and unlocks the potential you didn’t know you had.


Stress Relief

After a long day’s work, you will want to find an outlet for all the unreleased tension. Martial Arts North Sydney activities can help you take off your mind on the stressful things and focus on bettering yourself.

Martial Arts North Sydney is for you!

There is no denying the fact that everyone needs a physical activity in his life. Whatever your work is, whatever you do in your life, whatever the situations are, you need to be fit and strong. If you are looking for a physical activity where you can learn how to defend yourself at the same time, then Martial Arts North Sydney is for you. Everyone is welcome to enroll. This is literally for every adult.

Extra activities after a long day of productivity are always a good way to go when you want your efforts rewarded. If you think martial arts fit your liking, we can help you get started! Call us at (+61)425 324 443!