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Taekwondo Sydney is a leading Taekwondo Academy, we are number 1 in terms of performance and our great instructors who produce the best of the best martial artists. We’re also a great academy for people who aspire to be a good martial artist, we help in achieving your dreams as we were also once a dreamer. Here at Taekwondo Sydney, we also have Training Program Sydney if you want to be trained personally. A personal trainer will be your constant and ever-present help. Taekwondo Sydney is going to explain what a personal trainer is and the benefits of having trained in Training Program Sydney

Personal Trainer Sydney | Benefits of Hiring Personal Trainer

A Personal Trainer is someone who helps with your exercise and training to be able to achieve your goal in the best way. Depending on the skill of the trainer, the way of achieving your fitness goals can be different. A Personal Trainer should be certified and licensed. For a training to be successful and show a positive effect, it should be done properly with the help of a professional trainer.

Here are the Benefits of Training with a Personal Trainer in Training Program Sydney:

Unique and Individualized Training Program

A personal trainer can develop and customize a unique and individualized program, especially for your specific needs. This program will take consideration of your fitness goals and your current fitness condition. Of course, this program will also look at your weaknesses and the trainer will create a training session for you to cope up with your weakness. Also, you will be able to achieve your goal faster since the program will be focused on the goal that you want to achieve. Rest assured that in achieving your goal, everything will be done right.


Personal Trainers provide motivation which is great if you are having a hard time with the exercises and training. The trainer will be able to focus on you alone and will be able to pinpoint your training needs. Lack of motivation would cause you difficulty with your training, but if someone is encouraging you, then the more you would want to train harder.


Some exercise and training can cause you harm. A trainer knows the safety of the training and will make sure that you are safe during your exercises. A personal trainer will only give you exercises that you can, but if you need to slow down during your training, your trainer will also know.


If you’ve been trying to achieve your goal but taking you a long time or nothing’s changing, then maybe your exercise routine is wrong. But with the help of a personal trainer, you will be able to go on the right track of exercises which will help you achieve your goal faster.


Everything and everyone in Taekwondo Sydney is professional. This is a world-class type of academy. So, there is no need to worry about your progress and the environment. Taekwondo Sydney got you! This is where you can learn techniques that you have never used before. It would be best to give it a try.

If you are looking to hire a trainer for your Training Program Sydney, you should first know how they can be beneficial to you. Watch our video below:

Taekwondo Sydney is the perfect place to find the personal trainer that you want. We have a Personal Trainer that is well-trained, certified and licensed. They are also experienced as a trainer which gives them the advantage compared to other personal trainers, they have more than enough knowledge and skills to help you achieve your dream body and fitness goals. If you want to achieve your goal fast, Taekwondo Sydney is the right place to go!

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Engaging in Training Program Sydney is important to be on track. If you want to know more,  Contact us at (+61)425 324 443!

Taekwondo is a very fun and challenging martial art, and what makes it challenging is its levels of achievements. For taekwondo trainers, there are different taekwondo belts that must be achieved and in every belt achieved there is a guaranteed satisfaction, and the highest of these belts is the Black Belt, which can be the ultimate achievement for some trainers. Earning a black belt is indeed a great achievement as it is a symbol and a physical representation of your achievements, dedication, and perseverance.

Taekwondo Belts | Black Belt as the Ultimate Achievement

Earning the Taekwondo Belts means that you progress and learn new things about taekwondo, plus you constantly gain many skills one after the other. And the final belt which is black belt means that you have graduated as a taekwondo trainer and has become a master of taekwondo. If you enroll at Taekwondo Sydney, you will be able to learn the art of taekwondo and earn the different belts as you prove yourself and progress, we can definitely help you earn that dream black belt. This time, Taekwondo Sydney is going to give you what you will prove if you earn a black belt.

Below is a video that explains the different Taekwondo Belts:

Earning the Different Taekwondo Belts prove that you have achieved:




Enroll now at Taekwondo Sydney!

For sure, it is an achievement for every belt you obtain. What you have to remember is that you must have self-discipline. That is what Taekwondo teaches the most, anyway. Taekwondo Sydney is here to help you achieve that goal and develop as a whole. Enroll now!

Earning the different Taekwondo Belts will surely bring the best out of you. Come train and learn now at Taekwondo Sydney! Taekwondo Sydney is the leading taekwondo club in Sydney and we provide a safe and fun learning environment.

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Black belts are white belts that never quit. If you want to know more about taekwondo and taekwondo belts, Contact us now!

Taekwondo Sydney offers Martial Arts for Kids class programs for children starting at the age of 4, kids this age still need to have proper assistance, with us you can be assured that your child will be safe in learning martial arts as we take proper precautions. If you are looking for the perfect martial arts for your kinds you might want to consider the two of the most well-known martial arts styles which are Karate and Taekwondo. Both styles can be very beneficial for your child physically, mentally and socially. The main difference between the two is that karate focuses on traditional self-defense maneuvers while taekwondo focuses on competition skills. But nonetheless, both are great to learn and practice.

Martial Arts for Kids | Karate vs. Taekwondo

These Martial Arts for Kids teaches important lessons about self-defense, confidence, respect, and discipline. Karate and Taekwondo maybe different in styles but both martial arts have great effects and benefits for children. Practicing these martial arts would greatly improve a child as he grows. He will learn and will be able to enhance the skills that he can use in facing the challenges that life throws at him. Whatever martial arts you wish to enroll your kids into, what we can assure you is that your kids will definitely learn skills and techniques and useful life lessons.


The story of Karate dates back hundreds of years ago when Japan forcibly occupied Okinawa, 1609. They confiscated weapons which lead to Okinawans fighting with their bare hands and feet. With this refined techniques of striking, blocking and kicking methods, Karate was born. Karate translates as “Empty Hand” technique.

Although there are multiple styles that are used in Karate, it focuses mainly on the hand strikes and techniques. These multiple styles used are actually categorized as one. Karate is a bit similar to Taekwondo since it also practices forms.


Taekwondo, on the other hand, originated in Korea. The first documented evidence of Korean Martial Arts dates back in the 6th century, the combat training of the Hwarang warriors. Taekwondo was officially formed in 1995. Taekwondo means “the way of the foot and fist.”

Taekwondo focuses mainly on the kicking techniques, especially the heavy and fast tricks.

Martial Arts for Kids | Karate and Taekwondo

Both karate and taekwondo are both considered “Hard Styles” of martial arts. By hardstyle, it means that the techniques use force and it is faced against another force. Both Martial Arts Styles also teach series of punches, blocks, and kicks. Both martial arts emphasize physical conditioning and teach children how to understands the practical applications of techniques.

Karate and Taekwondo Kicks

If you want to learn more about kicking, the better martial arts for kids style is taekwondo. In addition to kicking, Taekwondo teaches several flashy spinning and jump kicks. These techniques are usually enjoyed more by children with their kicking pads. Taekwondo’s fast foot techniques are often deceptive and tricky to opponents. Karate, on the other hand, has more of a balance between kicks and strikes. Karate’s kicks focus on self-defense applications while taekwondo’s kicks are mostly for competitions.

Either way, both Karate, and Taekwondo are a good form of workout. It just depends on the person whether he/she wants to improve his/her kicking skills or punching skills.

Here are some Taekwondo Fun Facts you might not have known of:


During tournaments, you will see the huge difference between taekwondo and karate martial arts for kids. In traditional karate tournaments, punches and kicks earn the same points which are why karate competitors typically use their fists and feet equally. However, in taekwondo competitions, there are kicks and punches that are rewarded with bigger points but are rarely used.

Get to know more about Martial Arts for Kids!

Taekwondo Sydney is the leading taekwondo club in Sydney that offers Martial Arts for Kids.

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Whether you choose Karate or Taekwondo, both could benefit you in many ways! For more information about Martial Arts for Kids, contact us at 0425 324 443.

One of the significance of taekwondo northern sydney is the taekwondo belts. There are different belts with different colors and different meanings. Some of you may be wondering, what are these belts for? Well, they are not just for style, and you cannot choose any color you want, you have to earn it. Each belt of taekwondo has its own message to the taekwondo practitioners. You’re going to have to earn each level of the belt as you progress on taekwondo. If you enroll at Taekwondo Sydney , you will be able to improve your skills and knowledge.

Taekwondo Sydney | Explanation of the Taekwondo Belts

Taekwondo Northern Sydney is a great taekwondo school run by Serdar Guner, a well-known taekwondo Grand Master, a very nice man. This time we are going to explain the differences in the taekwondo belts and what each belt means. Each belt represents a certain level of a set of skills and improvement. These taekwondo belts are based on the system that was developed by Kanō Jigorō, the Japanese founder of Judo.

The taekwondo belts symbolize ranking. The lowest rank is a white belt. And in taekwondo, each belt has a certain number of stripes that a taekwondo student can earn. Once the stripes are earned completely, you will be allowed to take the “test”. In the test, you will perform a “form” and if the instructor deems you ready to move on, you will be rewarded with a higher belt.

Here’s Taekwondo Northern Sydney ‘s Explanation of the Taekwondo Belts:

White Belt

Yellow Belt

Green Belt

Blue Belt

Brown Belt

Red Belt

Black Belt

We all have that one goal — to own a black belt and be recognized. It is such an achievement to level up from one color to another, right? You don’t have to doubt now! Our trainers in Taekwondo Northern Sydney are here to guide and help you achieve your short-term and long-term goals. You are in good hands with us!

Work hard and earn your belt here at Taekwondo Sydney , we can help you every step of the way. Your road to the black belt will be a piece of cake if you train with one of the bests! where learning is safe and fun! You can also read Introduction to Taekwondo, Benefits of Martial Arts for Kids and the Importance of Taekwondo training.

Watch our great video below to know more about the Taekwondo Belts :

Earn your taekwondo belt now and start your own adventure here at Taekwondo Northern Sydney. For more information, contact us at 0425 324 443.