Taekwondo Sydney is determined to bring out the best in you and
ensures that the benefits you gain outweigh your investment.

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Taekwondo Training is a great kind of training for all individuals at any age and this training can influence a student’s life for the better in the long run with a set a skills, attitude, and discipline. Taekwondo is a kind of martial art that has a lot of benefits, be it physical, mental or emotional.

In our previous article, Sydney Taekwondo Grand Master | Serdar Guner, we talked about Serdar Guner and Taekwondo Sydney’s brief story on how it came to be. We also previously made an article, Taekwondo Carringbah | The Best Martial Arts Academy, where we discussed why it is the best martial arts academy. Both these articles have something in common which showing the credibility of Taekwondo Sydney because credibility is a big factor in choosing a Taekwondo Training program.

Credibility determines that the lessons being taught are truly authentic and will be helpful for each student and individual that enrolls in the Taekwondo Training Program. A great taekwondo academy has a great credibility; it is one of the most important factor in choosing a taekwondo academy to train from.

Taekwondo Training | Importance

The importance of Taekwondo Training is as follows:

Strengthens your mind and body

Instills discipline

Builds Confidence and Self Esteem

Enables Self Defense

These are the basic importance of Taekwondo Training with the right institute, program, and grand master. These are the essentials in one’s taekwondo training, this should all go hand in hand for you to be able to be the best version of yourself when it comes to martial arts.

Taekwondo Training is definitely important especially if you aspire for a better lifestyle. For more imnquiries, contact us at 0425 324 443

Taekwondo Sydney | Martial Arts for Kids is one of the best and leading taekwondo clubs in Sydney that has a progressive learning environment that both kids and adults would surely enjoy. We offer programs suitable for all ages. These programs will surely help young and adults achieve their goal in martial arts especially in taekwondo.

All training begin with learning the fundamental skills and basic movements that do not require high level of fitness or athletic abilities. Learning the basics and fundamentals of taekwondo helps children to develop their athletic abilities at an earlier age. We let them know that these basics will be very helpful for them in the future as it is their very foundation in taking every step in taekwondo training. Taekwondo Sydney Martial Arts for kids is the best club to learn all you need to know about taekwondo.

Martial Arts for Kids | Taekwondo Sydney Programs

Here are the Martial Arts for Kids taekwondo programs that we offer:

Mini Ninjas (4-6 years old)

The program perfect for the kiddies, this is when the children will learn the basics of taekwondo. As early as their age, they can already perform the basics through careful training and we will make the lessons fun and enjoyable to keep their attention. Slowly implanting the knowledge and the arts of kicking and punching and developing their basic skills and knowledge will allow them to progress faster and easier on the long term. This is also great for developing their characteristics and values. This is also the perfect time for them to gain more friends.

Little Dragons (7-10 years old)

At this age bracket, your child is developing his awareness on the environment and his confidence. The best way to improve his self esteem is to allow him to socialize and cooperate with other children of the same age bracket. That is why, here at Taekwondo Sydney, we take that advantage to train the kids as they are now more focused at this age. Also, here at Taekwondo Sydney, we focus on the development of each child’s characteristics. Benefits of taekwondo for kids of this age are limitless, including cooperation, discipline, self awareness and world perception. With our program, your child will be involved in activities that will help him grow and less likely to be involved in negative activities.

Junior Tigers (11-15 years old)

As your child grows and enters the phase of becoming a teenager, expect that he will be facing more difficult trials and challenges. What he needs at this stage of life is extra encouragement and motivation. This is the part where he brings out his best talents and shows it to the world. Taekwondo Sydney will be able to help hone his skills and shape him up while he is still looking for his passion. He will be able to find what his future goals are and we will be there to help and guide him.

Advanced Eagles (15-18 years old)

Another hard part of life as a child enters the world of adults. In this program, he will train with his companions and friends before moving to seniors. This is the part where we prepare him to become an adult. He will be trained harder, enter competitions and learn the most advanced part of taekwondo.

At taekwondo Sydney, development is the most important thing. Our Martial Arts for Kids Program will enhance a kid’s talents, skills and abilities as he grows old.

For more information, watch our short clip below to better understand our classes:

Taekwondo Martial Arts for Kids helps children improve themselves in a fun and educational way. If you want to enroll your kid, contact us at (+61)425 324 443.

Taekwondo is a great sport for all individuals, it can be taught to kids at an early age and it can be taught to teens and young adults too. If you’re a family who’s looking for something to do as a family, this would be a great bonding for you. A great Taekwondo Sydney Academy is one with great guidance over its students. The best individual to teach and guide the students in Taekwondo would be a Sydney Taekwondo Grand Master . A Sydney Taekwondo Grand Master is an individual who has reach over 8th Dan. Taekwondo Sydney has its very own grand master, Serdar Guner. Just like you, he’s also once a dreamer, he also dreamt of becoming a grand master someday and now that he is, he is here to make your dreams come true as well.

Taekwondo Sydney Grand Master | Serdar Guner

Sydney Taekwondo Grand Master ‘s beginning.

More commonly called “Sam”, Serdar Guner started his training in Taekwondo at a very young age. He trained with his Grand master Sasha Ostermann in Vienna Austria. With perseverance and dedication, Serdar Guner continued on learning the art, skill, and life of Taekwondo. He grew strong, both physically, emotionally, and spiritually with the help of Taekwondo.

Establishing in Sydney.

He did find his way to Sydney, Australia where he was determined to continue making Taekwondo part of his life.  This was the birth of Taekwondo Sydney. Serdar Guner now operates Taekwondo Sydney in his Dos Taekwondo training space located in Carringbah as Sydney Taekwondo Grand Master . It is a modern facility with a spacious gym. Serdar Guner’s students have the privilege of training here safely and comfortably. The facility has become more like the second home for most students as a lot of intense training and fun happen here between the students and their grand master.

Growth in the Taekwondo Industry.

Serdar Guner first started operating his Taekwondo Sydney training in 2005 and has now grown bigger and more solid than ever. Taekwondo Sydney has made its mark in the world of Taekwondo here in Australia. Taekwondo Sydney have won various competitions and garnered a lot of awards in its time of operations and teachings of Taekwondo. No student is ever rejected the chance to learn Taekwondo as special classes are organized to suit every one of all ages and background. We are a community of individuals who are passionate about what we do which is Taekwondo and who better to learn from than a grand master himself such as Serdar Guner.

If Taekwondo is something you yourself are considering getting involved in or if you have a family member or a child and you think being a Sydney Taekwondo Grand Master is something that might best suit them, head on down to our Dos Taekwondo training space. We would be more than happy to see you there.

Being a Sydney Taekwondo Grand Master will give you a lot of opportunities but will also give you a lot more responsibilities. For more information, contact us at 0425 324 443.

Taekwondo NSW is well known as a defense technique that involves kicking and punching which is somehow the reason why taekwondo is depicted in most media as a violent art of fighting. However, Taekwondo NSW may be a defense and fighting practice but it is not plain violence itself as it also teaches a lot of values and life lessons, it also enhances skills and abilities that can be used not only in fighting, as well as changing the trials and challenges of life. It is a martial art that teaches it all.

Most people only focus on the negative effects of this type of defense technique but they never really understood the benefits and advantages of training you the art of taekwondo. Taekwondo is an art and it is never used for violence as long as the one practicing it will use it for good purposes only.

So here are the some of the many benefits of practicing taekwondo, brought to you by Taekwondo NSW .

Taekwondo Club Sydney | Taekwondo’s Teachings

Taekwondo NSW offers martial arts taekwondo classes for all ages starting at 4. Our classes doesn’t only consist of pure fighting and violence, it is filled with lessons of disciplines and values too, we make sure that we teach our students with the right values so that this martial art will be used for a good purpose. Learning taekwondo also teaches many skills that you can use with your daily living. And here at Taekwondo Club Sydney, we promote a fun and exciting learning environment where you can learn taekwondo and the disciplines that it offers. We also make sure that you get the full benefits of learning martial arts and that you will be able to use them to face the trials and challenges that you face.

Here are some important life lessons you can get from enrolling at Taekwondo NSW :

Enroll now at Taekwondo NSW and be the next taekwondo master with the help of Professional Taekwondo Instructors! Visit us or Contact us at 0425 324 443.